Months back if you had to place a bet on Real Madrid CF signing a new forward for season 2013 - 2014 the name Radamel Falcao from Atletico de Madrid was odds-on favourite. The punters then went further to say that the Colombian International had a pre-agreement with Real Madrid & that it was a near shut case.

The last couple of weeks however, Manchester City Argentine International Sergio Aguero has become the sure bet as constant rumours & news leaks place the ex-Atletico de Madrid forward back in the orbit of Real Madrid. I say back because Aguero had an "agreement" with Real Madrid a couple of seasons back which saw Real Madrid go back on their word because of the immense pressures of Atletico de Madrid to avoid at all cost the signing.

The Argentine ended up a victim of the Clubs "war of words" & found himself lost in "no man´s land" choosing Manchester City because he had burned the ships & bridge back to Atletico after rebelling & swearing he would never return in hope Real Madrid would make the promised move. That move did not come & his time in England has personally not been very good. The Argentine has not been able to adapt himself to the English way of life & his wife has left the player with his son to travel back to Madrid ( Spain ) for the some reasons. This has lead Aguero to attempt find a solution to his personal life ( & professional ) by finding a Club in Spain to continue on with his career & Real Madrid may be feeling a moral obligation apart from a genuine admiration to finally sign the player/forward as originally planned seasons back.  

Real Madrid candidate 2013

British media source "People" have published that representatives of Sergio Aguero were in Madrid , & with Real Madrid, last week to talk about the possibility & options of a signing. This coincides with the said desire ( rumour ) by Real Madrid forward  Gonzalo Higuian to leave next season with the Premier League as a preferred destination.

Lets not forget that the relationship between Real Madrid & Manchester City is optimum & it is not fiction to believe that both Clubs had previously agreed to accommodated the "Sergio Aguero situation" to each their advantage:

  • Real Madrid "offered" Aguero to Manchester City so local rivals Atletico de Madrid would not get violently offended & thus avoid a local Football war.
  • Aguero plays two seasons overseas helping out Manchester City in their Football objectives
  • After two seasons Atletico de Madrid would have "forgotten" the deal & would not be so harsh on Aguero returning  & dressing white. There is a precedent already decades back, when the then Atletico de Madrid forward Hugo Sanchez had to sign with a Mexican Club to then sign with Real Madrid. It was a "brigde" operation.
  • Real Madrid can offer Gonzalo Higuian in a possible transfer operation with Aguero
Speculation from my part no doubt, be not science-fiction at all. There are strategic moves being put in place that leads many to believe that something is cooking.

Regarding Falcao, do not disregard this option either ( there will be news soon also giving new weight to talks). Real Madrid could be playing with both hands & will finally decide on which player according to which gives the better deal. All is fair in love, & in Football.

Stay tuned!

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