Diego Lopez is the current goalkeeper of Real Madrid CF. Born & raised in the "White House" the keeper had to find our pastures to gaze ( ...Villareal, Malaga FC ) in order to practice his profession. One of the reasons for his departure is due to the man that he is now replacing Iker Casillas,  Spanish National Team & Real Madrid Captain. 

The hand injury to the latter which required surgery has sidelined Casillas for up to 8 weeks. With this situation Real Madrid signed a another goalkeeper to fill the position knowing that important & vital Spanish Cup & Champions League matches were on the upcoming schedule.

The Club restored to Diego Lopez, also Spanish International & at Malaga FC where he was not getting the playing time one would expect for a player of his caliber. The Club needed a profile that would adapt quickly to the team & the Club as an institution, who better that Diego Lopez under the circumstances.

After the initial games, Lopez has shown again his abilities & skills being pivotal in the FC Barcelona games ( Spanish Cup & Liga ) & Manchester United clashes. In fact only 4 goals had gone through his "hands" in said encounters, but with more than half a dozen match winning saves. His Coach Jose Mourinho poured praises over his goalkeeper after the Manchester United Champions League match & this signals that Lopez has lived up to/ his expectations. 

Real Madrid 2013

This raises the question, a "serious" question. What happens when Iker Casillas recovers?

At this point there is no justifiable reason to replace Diego Lopez, that is, Iker Casillas would be the second goalkeeper. This is exactly what Coach José Mourinho wanted to create, serious competition for the goalkeeping spot as he felt that Iker Casillas was "unconsciously" resting on his "laurels" . This season Casillas has received more criticism than usual for lapses, fixed play mistakes & perhaps not following the Mourinho line of thought. The relationship between the Real Madrid Captain & José Mourinho is said to be strained-tense & that Casillas was a suspected  "supergrass" of the press on dressing-room matters. What now?

I personally think that if Diego Lopez continues this line & in growing form that it will be difficult to see Iker Casillas win back his place this season barring injury to Lopez. The last Tuesday night exhibition by Diego Lopez against Manchester United not only consolidated his position as Real Madrid goalkeeper it has also lifted him psychologically & given him a push in self-esteem perhaps lacking before due to his few minutes at Malaga FC. Diego Lopez has already won his place with his saves & efforts for the Spanish Cup Final & if Real Madrid continue onto the Final of the Champions League objectively & morally Lopez will have solid arguments.

This raises another issue, can Spanish Football National Team Coach Del Bosque justify calling up & placing as goalkeeper Iker Casillas if he isn´t playing? If this does occur we will have another debate, intense in itself & with some possible ramifications for Iker Casillas.

Interesting & changing times ahead  as always at Real Madrid & Spanish Football.

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