Hamlet, the Shakespearean character of the play with the same name, wrestled with his existential dilemma & asked, “to be or not to be that is the question”. This has profound philosophical ramifications but the question is universal, reality advances via choices & decisions affect the future. In Football decisions , elections & options have ripple effects in the Clubs future.


Spanish Football Club Real Madrid may have a Sporting dilemma & like Hamlet may have to ask, “to sign Falcao or to sign Sergio Aguero, that is the question”. In this case the human skull held by Hamlet is a Football (Soccer) ball held by President Florentino Perez.

Months back Atletico de Madrid Colombian International Radamel Falcao was apparently a done deal. Football insiders & Sports media even went as far as to comment that there was a pre-agreement between Real Madrid & the player. In the last few weeks this idea has cooled & Clubs like Chelsea FC & Paris St Germain are sounding stronger & firmer. This does not mean Real Madrid has forgotten Falcao but it may indicate that the player is not the done deal we were lead to believe by observers.

On the other hand Manchester City Argentine International forward Sergio Aguero has increased his odds & seems to be a firm candidate for a possible end of season signing & transfer. Here Real Madrid has a bit of a moral obligation with the player after promising Aguero a contract that never eventuated after his ex-Club Atletico de Madrid & fierce city rival threaten an institutional “war” if the player dressed in white. Real Madrid went back on its words & Sergio Aguero was left in “no mans land” & accepted the Manchester City offer perhaps out of no choice.

News is that Sergio Aguero has not adapted to English life & has in fact suffered personal hardship. His wife & his son have decided to leave England & come to live in Madrid, this has affected Aguero who wishes to return to Spain, Spanish Football & if possible the city of Madrid. In Madrid there are only two Clubs the size & level for a player like a Aguero, & Atletico is a not one of them. The player has let known to Real Madrid that he is again available & that perhaps it is the moment to regain credibility & accept their initial past agreement. Real Madrid has never forgotten Aguero & may decided to finally bring the player over with their current player Gonzalo Higuian put into the operation.


With this scenario, local Football observers say that Real Madrid has now a dilemma, choose Falcao or Aguero as their next season striker. I myself add a third which is currently on the table, Napoles striker Cavani, although the price tag with the latter is excessive according to the Spanish Football Club which lessen the Cavani chances. 

Therefore as Hamlet, but with less philosophical content, Real Madrid may have to ask itself … “Falcao or Aguero that is the Football question”. Stay tuned for further developments as this isn’t finished or decided by a long shot. There will be more ink flowing, more posts & even candidates in the coming weeks & months.

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