Another top game of Football between the two Spanish Football giants Real Madrid & FC Barcelona. Once again final score & the honours went to Real Madrid which won 2 - 1 FC Barcelona & under controversial circumstances with an angry & tense finish that had Barcelona claiming a penalty on Adriano by Sergio Ramos. The outrage was such that Barça goalie went over to referee Perez Lasa to recriminate his decision in a violent manner & received a red card in the process.

The video does not clear the issue either as from some angles its not a penalty & with other angles its clearly a penalty. Perhaps the fact the Adriano dived before contact made things more difficult to determine 100%. 

Spanish Soccer 2013

Real Madrid started without Xabi, Arbeloa, Ronaldo, Higuain Ozil & Khedira. This allowed players like Kaka , Callejon, Essien, Modric & young Morata an opportunity to experience & play a "Clasico". It was Morata that won Alves on the wing to pass & find Benzema who opened the scoring in the 6th min. Shell shock early to Barça who are receiving more goals lately than in past seasons.

Spanish Soccer 2013

The Barcelona reaction came with a excellent pass from Alves that found Messi in the 17th min & equalized. In doing so Messi equalled Football & Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano as the greatest goal scorer in the history of " the Clasicos". Both share the 18 goal mark & Messi will undoubtedly overtake it soon.

Spanish Soccer 2013

Very even the rest of the first half with Barcelona dominating most of the time & Real Madrid in a more contention mode.

The second half started with a more assertive Barça & with chances that were neutralized by the locals. Then Real Madrid brought on Cristiano Ronaldo & Khedira & the locals gained in freshness & in speed up front. Cristiano was dangerous with shots that needed extraordinary saves from goalie Valdes & the post stopping a powerful free-kick. With Real Madrid advancing Modric placed a corner ball on the head of Sergio Ramos who got the second goal & the eventual winner in the 82 nd min.

Then a crazy last 10 minutes of intense Football as Barcelona looked for the equalizer. In an attacking play Adriano fell in the penalty area when Sergio Ramos halted his advance. Barcelona claimed the penalty & the referee called the play to follow on which outraged the visitors. The referee blew the final whistle & was "attacked in an avalanche" by the Barcelona players, including goalie Victor Valdes who lost his nerves & received a red card. The Barça player had to be pulled off by his team-mates as he called the referee everything except compliments.

The end result is that Real Madrid inflicts another victory over their rivals which indicates that Barcelona have fallen into a "rough patch" that may psychologically have an impact with AC Milan coming up soon in Champions. Their "aura" of invincible has disappeared & this may have consequences in the future.

By the way, the last time Real Madrid won FC Barcelona at the "Santiago Bernabeu Stadium" was back in 2008. 

Spanish Soccer 2013

To end a few names to highlight. Once again Real Madrid 19 year old defender Varane was extraordinary. The player keeps illustrating to everyone that we are witnessing an exceptional Football talent. Young Real Madrid forward Morata put in a fantastic game with goal pass included along with a physical effort & team contribution which was vital to his teams victory. Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo who had 30 mins today is in a "state of grace" & revolutionized the team with speed & ambition which was contagious to his team, he was unlucky to to have scored.

Real Madrid now flys off tomorrow to Manchester to play the match of their season on Tuesday against Manchester United in Champions League. This win will definitely lift their spirits.

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