The "suits" in the REAL MADRID offices at "Santiago Bernabeu" are hard at work. Their technical staff have advised the obvious, Cristiano Ronaldo cannot do it alone. The low form & relative dry spell of the current forwards Karim Benzema & Gonzalo Higuain has convinced the Club that a true "crack" striker is needed.

We are no taking about any type of forward, the idea is to incorporate a true goal square "killer" that converts minimal opportunities into match winning goals. A Football "beast" that lives off & only eats goals. This is a difficult endeavour as there are very few top quality strikers with these characteristics. There are only a hand full available, in demand & being this the case, very costly.

What the other message is that if a new "striker" is to come & current forward must leave, & the name GONZALO HIGUAIN is in the front-line. The Club could put the player in the negotiation process in order to lower the price of the candidates that Real Madrid currently have on the table.


According to Spanish Sports paper "AS", these are the current candidates that Madrid has in mind:

Dzeko ( Manchester City )  Old desire of Coach Mourinho.

Agüero (Manchester City ) President Florentino Perez likes this player. The Argentine wishes out of England asap & is also flirting with FC Barcelona. The players wishes to get back to Spanish Football urgently.

Cavani (Napoles) Sounding stronger the last weeks.

Neymar (Santos) Slipped out of the Real Madrid hands to be tied up by Barça. But its not a shut case as the Barça agreement may be broken by player if he returns the 10M€ advance. Player apparently flirting with PSG & Man City, & Real Madrid watching to get back in front position. Top priority, but conscious that it is very difficult.

Yarmolenko (Dynamo Kiev) An option.

Falcao (At Madrid) Rumour says there is a pre-agreement, but lately rumour also says that Chelsea FC has jumped in the lead & is the real destination of the player next season. Will need to see how it all turns out.

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