Interesting email received from Jessi (Indonesia) asking me which players are Real Madrid looking at for next season. As Jessi,  I imagine many others maybe a bit confused with all the names being written in all the diverse Sports papers & blogs. Thus the email gives me a great opportunity to put up a post that I hope may help summarize the current state of things at Real Madrid.

Firstly, I cannot affirm 100% the names I am going to put below. My sources are as with most of you the same that you have access to, perhaps a bit more from a contact or two, plus I have more access to the local media, but little more.

Secondly, Real Madrid will celebrate Presidential elections in the coming months & current President Florentino Perez - if nothing changes - will stand for re-election & his historical style is big promises, big signings & plenty of future doses of hope. This signals that to lift the spirits of the Club members & the fan-base we could be seeing some surprise signing promises.

The negative part is that for players to come in others will have to leave. Higuain, Benzema & even Cristiano Ronaldo are sounding. The last is still up in the air as he is in contract renewal time, plus Coach Mourinho is speculated that he will leave & no one knows if CR7 will follow him elsewhere.

With this in the air, theses are the names being speculated as possible next season signings:

  • Radamel Falcao ( At. Madrid ) . Some say there is a pre-agreement already. However last rumours say that the player is closer to Chelsea FC. Also if Atletico can guarantee Champions League participation next season the Colombian may stay at Atletico.
  • Sergio Aguero ( Man City ). Aguero wishes to get out of England due to personal issues. The player has been said to have offered himself to FC Barcelona, but Real Madrid has always had the player in mind & this coming season may be the moment.

REAL MADRID candidates
  • Neymar ( Santos ) . Although everything points to FC Barcelona, Real Madrid hopes the player will go back on his words ( as he did with Real Madrid ) & end up playing at the "Santiago Bernabeu". Slim however.
  • Cavani ( Napoles ) . Sounding hot last couple of weeks. The Uruguayan forward has won places & is a candidate. Not too sure if Napoles will make things easy from Real Madrid or any other Club.
  • Gareth Bale ( Tottemham Hotspurs ) . Could be the surprise signing that President Perez wishes to lift his popularity & be re-elected with fanfare. Some say there is some kind of agreement & Zidane went to France last week to check out the player in Champions League. Bayern Munich is said to be also fishing here & the price is around 60M€. 
REAL MADRID candidates
  • Isco ( Malaga FC ) . The 20 year old midfielder is the pearl of Spanish Football at this moment. Voted the best U-21 European Player last season. President Florentino Perez again will pull from an old election promise to make Real Madrid "more Spanish". Isco is seen as the important piece in the plan. Other European Clubs also interested in this talent.
These are just a few names & speculations. Sure more & newer names will be appearing in coming weeks & months.

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