I have said it many times & I do believe it, in Football what is white today is black tomorrow. Perhaps it's one of the elements that makes the Sport so lively & emotional. In the signing & transfer talk it´s more fluid than life itself as players are placed here & there to later end up where no one expected.

News out of a popular Spanish Football late-night TV program announced a "scoop" that is being picked up around other Football sources. According to the TV panel of commentators the Nº 1 objective of FC BARCELONA for next season is Brazilian International & SANTOS player NEYMAR. This in itself is not news as it has long been known that there may be a pre-contract between Club & player. However things are not so clear y so shut case:
  • Neymar is being advised to stay in Brazil until 2014. That is he may not come next season
  • If Neymar arrives next season , DAVID VILLA will leave, & Arsenal FC looks the Club in the box seat
  • There are "dressing room heavyweights" at Barça not too keen with the possibility of having Neymar as a team-mate
  • There is a possibility that Neymar could "break" his pre-agreement with Barça if he returns his advanced payment of 10M€. This opens up a box of possibilities with one being REAL MADRID
These four points turn a 100% situation for FC Barcelona into possibilities & now with certain risks. How Football changes.

FC Barcelona

The new element in the equation is MANCHESTER CITY Argentine forward SERGIO "KUN" AGUERO. The player is said to be "suffering" in England due to the culture & lack of adaptation to English life. His wife has separated & moved back to Madrid with his son for the same reason. On a professional level Manchester City cannot guarantee the player big time European exposure or titles, this does not help adaptation. 

Therefore, SERGIO AGUERO has been offered to FC BARCELONA & the idea has become "PLAN B" in case Neymar falls through. This is the news, that Aguero is on the Barça agenda & the Barça considers the player as a viable option. 

From here to the end of the season is a very long way & things can totally change. But for now Aguero & FC Barcelona are contacting. 

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