The future of Brazilian International & SANTOS whiz kid NEYMAR is a constant "trending topic" in World Football circles. Everyone is tentative to know which will be his next Club. The firm bets are on Spanish Football & concretely FC BARCELONA, although REAL MADRID still has a remote glimpse hope that perhaps a last minute change of mind may favour them over the old foe. 

Neymar 2012

However, there is a pre-deal signed between NEYMAR-SANTOS-FC BARCELONA, Barça President Sandro Rosell is not losing sleep over rumours that Real Madrid, Manchester City or another Clubs maybe attempting to lure Neymar away.

There is a very stiff penalization clause in the Neymar-Santos-Barça pre-contract of 80M€, that is if Neymar breaks the agreement ( or signs for another Club ) Barça receives 80.000.000 € from the Club wishing his services, obviously this is enough to make any Club, Neymar & Santos think anything else other than FC Barcelona. But Spanish Sports daily based in Barcelona "Mundo Deportivo" goes further adding that the real figure is a whopping 160.000.000 € , that is , The Club wishing to sign Neymar pays FC Barcelona = 80M€, Santos pays Barça 40M€ & Neymar pays Barça 40M€.

The real question thus is when will Neymar land in Barcelona. The Spanish Football Club desires next season, but it may well be 2014, taken the circumstances of the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil which will make it all a question of "state".

Meanwhile, the Brazilian youngster keeps the "marketing machine" churning & European Football waiting.

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