SPANISH FOOTBALL & Round 12 continued this Sunday with five games of LA LIGA. Here are the final results & all the goalscorers.

Spanish Football 2012

LEVANTE defeated DEPORTVO A CORUNA 0 - 2 away in a rugged match with both teams receiving red cards, & on top Deportivo missed a penalty by Riki which was finally to be costly. The two winners for Levante came from MARTINS in the 40th min & BARKERO in the 82nd min. Tough times at Deportivo.

Spanish Football 2012

Both CELTA DE VIGO & REAL MALLORCA needed the three points, but neither managed that objective as they drew 1 - 1 which in itself left a sour taste for both. Mallorca got ahead first in the 22 nd min via HEMED, but Celta worked hard & managed the draw in the 56nd min thanks to PARK CHU-YONG. Could have been worst for both, shared points.

Spanish Football 2012

Madrid Club GETAFE managed a comeback after a weak start to defeat VALLADOLID 2 - 1. Valladolid got off strongly & was rewarded for their efforts with a 44th min goal by OSCAR. The 2º half saw a more spirited & working Getafe which managed to turn things around with goals from ALEXIS in the 73rd min & LAFITA in the 77th min. 

Spanish Football 2012

Beforehand GRANADA looked on paper as a comfortable match for ATLETICO DE MADRID which had to travel away. The game was all the contrary & a "trap game" as Granada ruled the first half & could have been up by a few goals had they not missed their chances. However, the "Football rule" of ..."if you don't take your chances you will lose", applied as Atletico regained control & dominated. Their reward was the 61st min goal & winner from ARDA. From here Granada defended instead of attacking which played to the visitors favour, & with Atletico down 10 men with a red card to their midfielder Suarez. Final result 0 - 1

Spanish football 2012

Passionate & emotional Southern Spain derby between the two Clubs that split the city of Seville. The "upper class - richmans" SEVILLA FC vs "the working man-women" REAL BETIS. Maximum tension all day & all this afternoon as nerves & over zealous fans mixed their feelings with violence not absent.

The whistle blowed & SEVILLA FC blitzed BETIS to be 4 - 0 up by the 45th min, a total demolition job of which Betis never really recovered. The goals came from REYES in the 1 st min & agian in the 32nd min, with team-mate FAZIO getting two as well - 5th & 42 nd min.

Betis can be given some merit as they managed to stop the onslaught in the 2º nd half & even managed a consolation goal from CASTRO in the 66th min. Before however Betis went down to 10 men as Perez received a red card. But with 10 men Sevilla grew again in strength & scored a fifth via RAKITIC in the 91st min. FINAL SCORE 5 - 1

Some "ass whipping" at Sevilla, Betis followers will be having a hard Monday.

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