There seems to be certain unease at FC BARCELONA. Although its a controlled & managed uneasiness, the fact that two ex Barça Directives are now employed at MANCHESTER CITY raises eyebrows & speculations. Ex-FC Barcelona Vice President Ferran Soriano & Ex-Barça Football Director Txiki Bergiristain are now Top Directives at the English Club.

The multi-millionaire Machester City owner Mansur bin Nahyan Al Nayhan, has his source in petrol-dollars & the almighty ambition to take City to World Football heights. The elimination of this seasons Champions League has signed that the squad still needs to find that "extra something" & lift in level & improve in Football class. FC Barcelona is the place to fish around & some of their players are ripe for an offer that they may not be able to refuse, either because of age, not enough playing time, new ambitious or purely because of money. 

FC Barcelona

The "hit list" includes such names as Xavi, Pedro, Valdes, Busquets & Cesc Fabregas. However the two names of the list that are a priority are BUSQUETS & FABREGAS according to Barcelona based paper "Mundo Deportivo".

The reach of City doesn´t stop at Barça, according to German paper "Bild", Real Madrid German player OZIL was offered a deal while in Manchester with his team for last Tuesday night Champions League match. Some speculate that Mourinho left the German on the match because he wasn´t too impressed with the maneuver.

Stay tuned!

By the way, the relationship at Club level between Real Madrid & Manchester City is optimal. What a better way to attempt to destabilize internally your local rival than to niggle around in the minds of the Barça players. Leave that one on the table...

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