Just when the CRISTIANO RONALDO "I am sad" episode faded & past away, REAL MADRID has a new "intriging" situation on its hands, the Coach Jose Mourinho  vs. SERGIO RAMOS arm wrestle for who has the "biggest balls" in town.  I say this intentionally with some humour as the Spanish Sports media is have a field day & loving this with all sorts of inside & first hand detail scoops. 

Real Madrid 2012
Sergio Ramos - underneath Nº10

This is the last photo that has set the forest on fire. It is SERGIO RAMOS defending in the second half against Deportivo last Sunday. So what's the deal ? See the number 10 under the Nº4 , that Ozil shirt. The German midfielder was blasted by Mourinho in the first half for not following tactical duties & was consequently substituted. The Football observers  interpret that Ramos had it ready to show off in celebration if he scored a goal in tribute to Ozil & in doing so send a  "stick it up your ass" message to Mourinho. Twisted minds perhaps?

The media impact since has been so intense about a riff in the dressing room being so wide that Ramos went out on his Twitter today to say that he has a.. " good, correct & professional relationship with his Coach who is the Best".  He explained he wore the shirt of Ozil as a innocent sign of his friendship with Ozil to dedicate him a goal if successful in scoring one.

Lets back track. Everything occurred when Ramos was left on the bench against Manchester City in their first Champions' League Group match. This was interpreted as a punishment for his defensive mistakes against Sevilla in Liga & public comments that went against the "Mourinho One Message Doctrine" (His) . Sergio Ramos apparently feels discriminated as he is always chosen as the culprit when things go wrong, & worst, Mourinho points him out publically.

The tension eased & Ramos was back in his defensive position. On Sunday  he was placed in the right  -back position surprise for Ramos who wasn't expecting it . This was interpreted as a Mourinho reminder of... "who is the boss", to which Ramos reacted with the Nº10 shirt gesture-stunt  & post-match comments of "I´ll always say what I have to say".

All these chained events has lead to many influential Football insiders to write & say that the split between Coach Mourinho & Sergio Ramos cannot  at this moment be saved, that it's a case of ..."or he goes or I go".  Sergio Ramos is the "pretty boy" of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez  &  has indirectly let known that he will leave at the end of the season if Mourinho continues. What is baffling Ramos is that Perez hasn't made an opinion on all this yet & seems to favor Mourinho,  but the Real Madrid Directives are more concerned about a different matter, that this tug -of- war could rip the dressing room apart. 

There are stories, I myself posted here a couple of days back, that there are two clans in the Real Madrid dressing room: the Spaniards & the Portuguese. Ramos belongs to the first & seems to have taken onto himself to defend their "cause" waving the flag.
Either way, when you rationally look at it, it's all childish stuff.  What is a truth is that whatever the story is or whatever has happen or been said, Sergio Ramos is wrong.  A Football professional when put on the bench must respect his team-mate who has been given a run & bury his self-interest for good of the team. The decisions of the Coach, independently who he is must be respected & be defended even if one does not agree. It is simply called being a professional, a Club team-mate & member. I my opinion Sergio Ramos has to shut up, play better & prove his arguement on the field . The player is playing a dangerous game that could burn him & worst, hurt the whole team & possibly ruin the season. 

This makes tomorrows Champions League match against Ajax interesting. What if Mourinho leave Ramos on the bench?  Will this be interpreted as the old, "my dick is bigger than yours" tactic. What then?

All this days away from the "Clasico" vs FC Barcelona in La Liga. A vital game, not only for the points which are important for Real Madrid´s Liga title aspirations but the effect a win or loss could have on the apparent  Ramos - Mourinho conflict.  A win will strength Mourinho & also eclipse Ramos & his efforts to destabilize his Coach. However a loss will give Ramos ammunition & this could lead to an explosion. However, lets not jump the gun & wait to see how things turnout. 

Either way the Football fans will be in for a treat this season in potentially entertaining Real Madrid stories. There are plenty of more dramatic episodes awaiting to go live on air:  Iker Casillas vs Mourinho, Albiol vs Varane,  Casillas vs Ronaldo, Higuain Vs Benzema, Ozil Vs Modric ...entertaining guaranteed.

Meanwhile, it is said that CHELSEA FC is watching closely to see what happens with Ramos  in order to attempt to convince that London maybe a better place next season. Said this, imagine if Ramos goes over to Chelsea & later Mourinho returns to the London Club. Would be hilarious indeed.

Stay tuned. 

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