REAL MADRID Coach José Mourinho left defender SERGIO RAMOS on the bench for the Champions League match against Manchester City on Tuesday & that has ignited the "speculation" fuel can. Most observers interpret the move as a "punishment" & a call to attention by the Coach towards one of the "heavyweight" dressing room players. The actual protagonists have only limited themselves in explaining that it was a tactical move & nothing more. José Mourinho even commented post match that there are no bad vibes with the 26 year old International & second Team Captain. 

Said all this, the substitute RAFAEL VARANE was absolutely splendid on the night & unfortunately instead of most of us exalting the virtues & class of this young French defender we are again intertwined with rumours & internal conflicts talk. 

Veteran Spanish Football Observer, Alfredo Duro,  voiced on Spanish TV last night that there is effectively a serious split between Coach Mourinho & Sergio Ramos which may be difficult to repair, at least in the short-term. His explanations are that both personalities have worn themselves out, Mourinho favours some players ( the "Portugues pack" ) , that there is increasing distrust between both ( methods & play) & that the player is feed up with him being singled out every time there is a problem on the field.   The fact is that Sergio Ramos is an outspoken man & does not bite his tongue or follow strictly the "Mourinho Doctrine". Alfredo Duro went on to say that it is the high professional attitude of Sergio Ramos that has allowed this situation to continue without effecting the team as he puts the latter first & infront of his personal attitudes. Sounds admirable, & I suppose there is some "propaganda" thrown in as well. When Coach Mourinho comments publically that "some players"  have their heads elsewhere apart from Football, there is a reason. Plus when you watch the videos & analyze the defensive mistakes, Ramos is somehow involved directly or indirectly. In a nutshell there currently exists all the ingredients for the media to have a field day & sell lots of papers & Tv time. Not to mention the multiple enemies that José Mourinho has build up over his time in Spain, many waiting to sick the knife in deeply. 

Real Madrid 2012
Sergio Ramos

Obviously there is tension between personalities,  & some  dressing room territorial battles of egos & prestige. Also there is real possibilities that if this is not - or other situations - managed properly that the dressing room could explode & the 2012-2013 with it. The above Football journalists goes as far to say that at the end of the season there will be a "either he goes or I go situation". Daring prediction I would say with more than 8 months left of the season & anything could happen . Imagine if Real Madrid wins Champions League? Will anyone remember this incident? This post?

With this in the air some European Clubs smell opportunity & are already positioning themselves for the possibility of getting over the 26 year old who is considered one of the "Best Central Defenders" in World Football. The market price is conservatively valued at 50M€ & it seems that CHELSEA FC maybe preparing something.  They & Manchester City, perhaps Manchester United & some say the Russian "petrol" dollar Clubs. 

I say the following , Ramos will be lined up this weekend against RAYO VALLECANO in Liga & if a victory occurs the waters will settle. Here is the point, winning is the glue that keeps things together, defeat separates & opens wounds, in the Ramos case & in every Football case. If Real Madrid can regain a winning streak this will be another "hiccup", if they lose & lose in big competitions the dressing room & Real Madrid will burst apart taking players & causing victims.

Lastly, if a Club came with +50M€ for Ramos at the end of the season , I would sell. There is a fabulous defender waiting for his regular chance called Rafael Varane who is a marvel to watch.  Potentially much better with more class than Ramos. 

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