With 72 hours before the Spanish Football season kicks-off, the Spanish Internationals were in PUERTO RICO representing SPAIN in an International Friendly match which Spain won 1 - 2. The game had no real sense except for some political favours between Football Federation Officials & the money paid to see the European & World Champions. The worries of some local Coaches become a reality when Atletico de Madrid defender Juan Fran came off in the 18th min with an injury. Atletico Coach Simeone will be unhappy about it all & with this hard to justify game of Football.

Spain Football Team
Spain scores against Puerto Rico

A match which was a relative practice match for Spain, with all due respects to Puerto Rico, which was slow, easy-going most of the time & boring, until a Spanish lapse in concentration allowed Puerto Rico to score a historical goal in the 64th min via CINTRON ( RAMOS own goal ). Earlier CAZORLA in the 41 st min & CESC in the 45th min managed to open until the Puerto Rico defensive wall.

The Puerto Rico goal ( along with their goalkeeper Gaudette ) was the real highlight of the match as it was the only attack the home team did & they managed to score. The Spanish players were sleeping & from them managed to wake back up to continue with the job but were not able to score more goals.

In conclusion, another Friendly for Spain with an unexpected & against the grain goal from the opposition side. Something understandable as these types of obligations do not allow the players to be 100% concentrated & with Coach Del Bosque allowing Spanish players without much playing minutes in big games to get a run here.

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