SPAIN has made Football History after defending & winning ( retaining ) the 2012 EUROPEAN NATIONS CUP 4 - 0 against ITALY in the Final.Never before has a team (nation) won the "triple crown" : Euro 2008- Fifa World Cup 2010 & now Euro 2012. The below team pictured as the starting 11 has managed to shut many mouths - happily mine as well - throwing into the rubbish bin criticisms about internal disunity between Real Madrid & Barça players, the use of the "false forward" tactic, why Torres & that the team had lost its spark. 

Spain Football Team 2012
Starting 11 vs Italy : Euro 2012 Final

The Italian team will feel upset about two unlucky events that obviously influenced in the result in some way. The early injury to defender Chiellini in the first half cahnged the tactical set-up & the muscle injury to Motta that forced him off when Italy had done their 3 substitutes already & thus left Italy down to 10 men most of the second half. But these unfortunate events are part of Football & takes nothing away from the fact that Spain are deserved & worthy winners as they clearly dominated the match & controlled things well when Italy played well. Spain may claim that a penalty to their favour was´nt called but now with the title this all seems irrelevant.

Spain Euro Champions 2012
David Silva

Spain once again put in a repeat 11 as with Italy in the opener of the Group C game & with the now famous "false forward" in Cesc Fabregas. It was Cesc that made a fabulous run up to the line to find the head of DAVID SILVA in the 14th min for the opener.

Italy then attacked & gave Spain their hardest moments of hard work. It was 20 minutes of Italian pressure that thankfully for Spain had goalkeeper IKER CASILLAS who stopped everything & claimed without any doubt the "Best in the World Goalkeeper" status. Some even may claim, & rightly, the perhaps it is time that the FIFA World Player Award be given to a goalkeeper & Iker Casillas should be that player. 

Spanish Football 2012
Jordi Alba

Spain recomposed themselves & managed a psychological 40th min second goal when defender JORDI ALBA scored. The man has been a revelation & has claimed his place in European Football as possibly the best right-back at this moment. Spain finds a perfect substitute for many years to come after Capdevila left his spot.

The second half saw Italian make some changes with Di Natalie in for Cassano & Motta in for Monteolivo in an attempt to make a comeback. The big blow was the injury to Motta that forced him off & left Italy down to 10 men. It was basically all over at this point as Spain took over the ball totally & ran Italy into the ground. Spain brought on fresh feet in Pedro & FERNANDO TORRES who got the 3rd for Spain in the 84th min.
By the way, the heavily criticised Torres ( myself included as a critic ) wins the "Euro 2012 Top Goalscorer" over Barotteli with his 3 goals + assist of goal. Now that´s how one shuts the mouth of the critics...ouch!

Spain Football Team
Fernando Torres

Spanish Coach Del Bosque than gave JUAN MATA a run & in the 88th min Torres unselfishly passed to Mata in the goal square who scored the fourth goal.

Spanish football 2012 Euro final
Mata - Torres

Historical & a team of 23 players that now sit in the "Football Olympus" as National heroes. Unique as we may never see this again in our lifetime, although there is a high percentage that Spain & these players - with a new flow of players - may continue this glory run onto the FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup. But that is far away for now & we must enjoy the here & now.

Lastly, as for Italy, they should go home with their heads high & proud. They have changed their Football philosophy from defending to wanting the ball & practising attacking Football. I have no doubt that they will be back soon to give teams a hard time &, why not, give Spain a run for their money again in the future.

Congratulations to the Spanish Football Team, thanks!

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