The SPANISH FOOTBALL TEAM Selector & Coach Vicente del Bosque is being "hit" from all sides with harsh criticism from fans, followers, insiders, media & every Spanish Tom, Dick & Harry who watched the Italy Group C opener & has an opinion. The man is obviously on the defensive today & attempting to rationalise the reason he decided to leave the Spanish starting 11 without a true forward, a Number 9 & main reference upfront.

Firstly, anyone can have a bad day. Secondly, anyone can make a mistake. Lastly, Spain drew 1 -1 & did not lose which is good in opposition to having lost which would have been really bad. Plus if your an optimist, the Spanish Team goalscorer was Cesc Fabregas , the player brought in to act as a "false forward". 

spanish football team euro 2012
Vicente Del Bosque

The Del Bosque masterplan was clear. It comes from FC Barcelona super Coach Guardiola, who uses it as a strategy with Messi. However, Spain has´nt a Messi , or a player with his particular "from other galaxy" skills. Said this,  Del Bosque believed Italy would play as they historically do, put 9 men in defence & wait. It did not happen.

Italy read the Spanish Plan before the kick-off & this is a possible criticism for Del Bosque, showing your poker card too early. However, there was another reason , the possible Number 9 candidate Fran Llorente had a problem with his toe nail that eliminated his participation in this game.

Now my humble observation & possibly the main criticism at Del Bosque is:  the  lack off reaction. The man "froze", become a statue as he realized that his plan had back-fired & seriously. Had Spanish goalie Iker Casillas not made 2 - 3 mayor saves this would possible be a harsher post.

The Spanish Football Coach took too long to rectify, to change the stage, to adapt to the new situation & when he did he put on a winger ( did things positive ) but still without a forward reference. The man took off Silva, along with Iniesta, one of the better players on the field. Then finally - & late - Fernando Torres came on & yes, the 100% better Spanish Team performance proved that the Del Bosque "false forward" initiative was a big mistake. As for Fernando Torres as the NÂș9 - in my opinion - has not earned the true right ( if form is the selective element ) to be in this Euro 2012 squad over others like Soldado or Adrian sitting at home. His three clear chances ( misses) to put Spain ahead & thus winning the game, indicates that the "kid" is out of groove. In conclusion, Del Bosque decided that Torres be in this Euro 2012 squad. 

But enough of joining with the politically incorrect statements, lets be optimistic, yet honest, Spain is still on course & this is just the "starting blues" of all the big competitions. That the lesson has been learnt & that things will get only better as the players join forces to rectify things & become stronger under the criticism. 

But one cannot say as Del Bosque said today : "...given the same circumstance I would do the same again". No,  please don´t , not under the some circumstance. Plus entering into the "conspiracy theories" with ..."there are diverging interests with the criticisms", please stay away from this & keep the mind on Football. Winning, that's how you shut mouths, stop criticism & shut my mouth. Winning. And as for Torres, goals,  that's how you shut my mouth & everyone else's who doubts your participation & place in this Euro 2012 squad. Goals Torres, please shut my mouth up.

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