It is amazing how perspectives & attitudes can change in days. The SPAIN FOOTBALL TEAM was under a dark cloud after drawing 1-1 against Italy in their Group C opener & harshly criticised ( myself included ) for the strategic "experiment" of a "false forward" by Coach Del Bosque.

After the Spanish Football Teams second Group match against Ireland & with a  4- 0 victory, SPAIN returns as odds on favourites around the betting houses & the World Sports media claiming that they are on other level. So what happened? 

Spain Football Team
Spain Football Team Euro 2012

They won. Winning is the only common dominator for putting your face full of sh*t if you loss or in lifting the team to the Football Olympus if they win.  This is natural, part of all Sport, the way media excites the fans to buy content & generate TV space & something to talk about. What could be a worry at "Camp Spain" is the "sense of believing all the hype" so early into the competition with still a dangerous Croatia ahead to secure the Group qualification. A bad match here, or worst still, a loss could spell a possible elimination by Spain that will bring back all the black clouds & sentence the team. 

Although we can have faith that Coach, technical staff & players as sufficiently experienced to "keep their feet on the ground", the outside noise is inflated & perhaps exaggerated:
"I have no doubt about Spain" (Albertini: Italy)

"If the Spanish Football team has the ball, they are practically unbeatable" (Martin Peton: Spanish Football Commentator)

"The play of the Spanish Football team does not belong to this World" (Richard Dunne: Irish International)

".. everything points for a repeat the the 2008 Final" (Jose Mourinho)

Just four comments picked out of many practically already giving the Spanish team the Euro title. 

Need to shield from these accolades & keep the mind focused on the job ahead. Let´s not forget - & I say this will all my respects - Spain won against Ireland, one of the less stronger squads in the competition. Again lets not forget as well, that the sub- World Champions Holland has been knocked out of the competition. Lastly, lets not forget either, that to win a tournament of this dimension "luck" always plays a vital role & luck has no colours.

Let´s all try & bring down the euphoria & just enjoy the Football Spain turns on when in the groove. I agree, when they turn-on the magic it is mind-boggling & out of space. But, they too can have a bad day & that day could occur in the next game or any of the upcoming matches if they manage to pass the next.  

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