"We applauded them (Real Madrid ) when they won, this is just Sport after all. We have been very respectful with them (Real Madrid ) at all times, even when they won the Spanish League, when they won the Spanish Cup in Mestalla ... We were very respectful with them. However, I noticed & feel that it was not the case when we won and they lost. It's a very personal feeling I have", said the FC Barcelona midfielder XAVI HERNANDEZ in an interview with Canal + League to be broadcast this Thursday on Spanish TV. The underlying tone from Xavi is that Real Madrid are sore losers & disrespectful.

These words by Spanish International XAVI HERNANDEZ has given life to my worst Football fears, that SPAIN will have it up-hill this time at the EURO 2012 Championships. The unity of the Spanish squad is under question & in doubt,  & you can´t get too far in a EURO without unity, without all for one, & one for all.

It is very unfortunate these words coming from a player that should have more "brains" than to let out what he feels at this particular moment. However, he is not the only Barça player that feels this ways towards Real Madrid & I suspect that the rest of the Barça players with the Spanish Football Team may share his views. The problem is that they all now share team & National objectives with another 5 Real Madrid players & now team-mates & this may open wounds in the very worst moment.

Spanish Football 2012

The past FC Barcelona - Real Madrid head to head clashes has produced some very harsh moments, serious cross-fire words, dangerous & on the edge actions & has left some deep psychological scares. The players from both teams have attempted to cosmetically hide their thoughts but they surface just under the skin & this can only lead to bad effects. Spanish Coach Del Bosque knows it, & is doing his best to tame the situation, but the absence of Barça Captain Carles Puyol is more than a playing loss, it is a serious mediator loss as he kept the balance between the players from both rival teams, or at least his camp.

It is no secret that Gerard Pique & Sergio Ramos do not get along & they are Spain's main defensive line. Arbeloa is not to liked at Camp Barça after having his do´s & don´t with Villa & Pedro in the "Clasico". Xabi has said words on the apparent Busquets acting & Xavi has never bitten his tongue. All this & the "unsaid" rivalry between Casillas & Valdes, the last sees himself as more wordy as he has won the Spanish League "Best Goalkeeper" Award in past seasons.

I wish that me feelings, my vibrations & my words above are just my paranoid mind & me making a mountain out off a mole-hill. But I suspect that these last words on Spanish TV by Xavi, to be broadcast on Thursday, will cause some talk, some serious talk in the Spanish Camp that will give rise to some "bad vibes"

Lets hope that the Spanish Football players are professional & mature enough to change their mind-set from Liga to National priorities & the task ahead in attempting to make Football History if they can retain the European Champions title. I am praying this is so, but how unfortunate is Xavi´s interview at this moment, & the timing could not be worst.

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