The image of today is the one below of FC BARCELONA with the SPANISH CUP ( Copa del Rey ) Trophy after defeating Athletic Club Bilbao 0 - 3 in the 2012 Final.

Spanish Cup - Copa de Rey
FC Barcelona 2012

However, perhaps the more emotional & longer standing image is of now ex-Coach JOSEP GUARDIOLA.

FC Barcelona 2012

Last nights game was his last as Barça Coach & in the best fashion the man leaves with another title. An incredible & perhaps difficult to repeat again feat with 14 titles out of 19 possible since arriving at "Camp Barça" back in 2008. This is his list of achievements:
  • 3 Spanish League - Liga - titles
  • 3 Spanish Super Cups
  • 2 Champions League titles
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups 
  • 2 FIFA World Clubs Champions
  • 2 Spanish Cups ( Copa del Rey )
Some insiders & observers speculate that we may have witnessed the end of a cycle at Barcelona as many believe that the real talent of Coach Guardiola was keeping together the squad structure from cracking apart. The exit of Guardiola indicates that his continual efforts to motivate & control multiple dressing room "egos" had come to its end energy wise & that it was better to leave now on top than to fall back to earth as a mortal.

The newly named Coach Villanova ( previously assistant ) has a very difficult role ahead that also casts doubts. No one believes that Tito Villanova has the character or personality to keep in line star players & balance the pressures from a difficult Club Directive structure, external needs (marketing)  & forever hungry fanbase.

Villanova is destined to have the long shadow of Guardiola´s past hoovering over his figure & if the results do not come early next season there is little doubt that he will be quickly substituted. The man enters into the Coaching position precisely when the eternal rival is possibly about to enter their own cycle of successes & that could be the knock-out "stick" for Villanova if he does not manage to crush more juice out of the Barça model which has a series of vital veteran players entering their twilight. Barcelona will soon enter the rejuvenating phase & that may cost the Club some years to find again the streak of titles they enjoyed under the "Guardiola Era".

Smart man Pep, knows when to exactly leave & that is the most difficult thing to know & to do.

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