ENGLAND hosted the current FIFA World Champions SPAIN at Wembley for an International Friendly with the home side winning 1 - 0. Another defeat for Spain in a Friendly that is not to much of a drama but has lessons that should be noted as there are signs that call for attention & correction.

England remembered more a traditional Italian team ( Manager Capello ) which defended more that attacked, played aggressively & took its only opportunity to score, & from a fixed situation play. In a nutshell, well done & England should be congratulated for playing the way they know & within their capacity, very smart.

Spanish Football
Frank lampard scores for England 

The first half was all Spain with their habitual touch Football that looked good but could not break the English defence. We saw an insistence by Spain with attempting to go through the centre which they would continue doing so the whole match. Perhaps a more use of the wings could be a solution as the opponents begin to figure out the Spanish ways.

The the "surprise" goal came from a fixed play that found the head of Bent that hit the post & landed in the path of FRANK LAMPARD who headed into the net peacefully the ball in the 49th min.

Spanish Football
David Silva

The second half saw Spanish Coach Del Bosque make lots of changes with one, XAVI HERNANDEZ, that seems to indicate from past repetitions, that his absence breaks the equilibrium of the either team. David Silva was changed as well who was dangerous all first half for Mata.

Spanish Football
David Villa

After the English goal Spain regained the control of the ball & attempted to find the equalizer as they poured on the attacking waves, while England concentrated on defending the result. Spain made more changes bringing on Torres & Cazorla  in an attempt to find a different flavour & perhaps surprise England.

Spain kept insisting on attacking via  the middle & kept smashing into the English defence with DAVID VILLA pulling a "rabbit out of the hat" that hit the post. Towards the end Fabregas missed an opprtunity & the match ended with the English victory.

The positive news for Spain was with their goalkeepr IKER CASILLAS who has equalled the International caps record of 126 games jointly held with Zubizarreta. Iker will surely go on the surpass this mark & make history as he has still lots of years ahead as the Spanish goalkeeper.

Lastly, just an observation. Do not understand why Spanish Coach Del Bosque keeps insisting with Fernando Torres. It is clear that Torres is not in his best form & that tall Fernando LLorente "option" is on the bench, an alternative more suitable (I believe) due to his aerial power that could break these "grid-lock" situations. Said this, sitting home in Spain was Valencia CF forward Roberto Soldado who looks closer to getting his chance as Torres keeps failing to impress.

Spain now flys to Costa Rica for their next International Friendly.

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