The e-mail account of Spanish Football Sports is almost collapsed by readers around the World asking why I am not posting on the after shock-wave effects,  or stating an opinion about the FC BARCELONA - REAL MADRID brawl & Mourinho "eye-poke" incident during the Spanish Super Cup last week. Why? Because everyone has already voiced an opinion, the majority from their own "coloured" glasses perspective charged with "reptilian" like instincts where rationality is something still a 1,000,000 years down the evolutionary path. 

For starters everyone is to blame, from Football Presidents, Coaches, assistant, trainers,  the players, the press, fans...the ball boy, everyone. The actions of Mourinho are inexcusable & not justifiable under any circumstances, they are simply out of all order & punishable. However, just before the famous "eye poke", FC Barcelona assistant Coach Vilanova ( or Pito to his mates) had been calling out to the Real Madrid bench that they were a "bunch of son of bitches" & just after the Marcelo tackle, that same Vilanova was racing out blind & firing "F*C+ing B*as*rd, Y++ Cun^" ( + or - understood  but never verified) out of his month until Guardiola had to pull his assistant back to save a potential box up. Said this, maybe , just maybe, I to would stick my finger in the eye of someone who had just called me & my team everything under the sun. But there is more, according to Spanish paper "El Mundo" , Guardiola himself shouted "your all a bunch of *******", yes that some Guardiola that grabbed the neck of the Danish Coach a while back. As far as I can judge,  all (everyone) have a part in this disgusting & embarrassing spectacle. 

Heated moments, emotional, tense , charged & there was the whole World watching the two best Football teams in the World turn themselves into Baboons with shorts - with no offence to the Baboons, of course. But this part does not bother me at all, the veterans of Spanish Football will look back the last 30 - 40 years & remember events between Barça-Real Madrid, At.Madrid-Real Madrid, Betis-Sevilla, Sporting-Oviedo, At.Bilbao- Barça ...etc that would make your eyes turn. What occured at the "Camp Nou" last week was children stuff. 

But here is the serious part that makes me wonder what is this player/s (personalities)  on about & is perhaps more serious than Mou sticking the finger - in & Vilanova telling someone to go & F**k off; the post match comments of Mr. Gerard Pique, Xavi Hernandez, & numerous out of the wood works Barça directives .

Allow me to get out of Spain,  in case you think I´m playing on home turf, & focus on the out of bounds, exaggerated  & totally unnecessary comments from the "Rhodes Scholar" Gerard Pique. This alarming World circulating headline is from the UK paper the Guardian:

Mourinho 'destroying Spanish football', says Barcelona's Gerard Piqué

Who is this guy? What is he on about? Who made him king for the day? The official self proclaimed institutional spokesman for FC Barcelona?

Allow me to diverge & use another story not related to Football but about charactercredibility that drives my thoughts on the above. A New York Court has just let of the "hook" (jail) ex IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) charged with "allegedly" rapping a hotel maid on the only ground that the maid was of "dubious" character. Now I have my thoughts on who is "dubious", but have to follow ( like it or not ) judgement by a justice institution ( in agreement or not). Now back to Mr. Pique & his charge that "Mourinho is destroying Spanish Football" ....that its all Madrid ...bla, bla, bla". Here is the true character of Mr.Pique:

Apart from being pissed as a fart ,representing his country ( or we think it is) , the character is dubious to say the least, in fact its disgusting &offensive. Perhaps spitting on a Spanish Football Directive behind his back for some great laughs with his "Barça"  mates has credibilty. According to some Courts of Law, the dubious character of Mr.Pique is sufficient to let off the hook people who allegedly are destroying Football.

The fact is that no one is destroying Spanish Football at all, that this has occurred since the time someone thought about kicking a ball around without touching it & that the Football Business machine realized ( as the Romans) the apart from bread, the masses need circus. Yes, this will continue being headlines & people will continue talking about it while they swing from their Football trees. The real truth is the following: if the Spanish Super Cup was seen on TV around the World by 500,000,000  viewers the next "clasico" will be watched by 2 billion & that means $$$$$ plenty of $$$$$ loads of $$$$$.

So lets get this episode out of the mainstream, back into the past & think before we take note of some of the "characters" statements as holy truths - those same who throw a stone & then hide the hand - as wise opinion. Lets talk & continue marvelling at the unprecedented & spectacular level of Football played during the last 2 legs of the Spanish Super Cup. With Barça & Real Madrid playing at that level, I don´t see at all Spanish Football in danger, in fact I see it as the envy of the planet.

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