Just when you thought the SERGIO AGUERO - REAL MADRID case was shut, Paul Giblin writes an interesting story for the Barcelona based Spanish Sports paper "Sport". Now, it could be that theses summer days of relax at the beach forces the papers to excite readers or it is just another idea, theory &/or back lane outside the pub comment, or not.  

The crux of the article is that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez may have come to an agreement with the owner of MANCHESTER CITY Shekin Mansur to transfer the Argentine International in two years ( two seasons). This explains the assertive refusal from City to add an "anti-Real Madrid clause" in the Aguero transfer contract which Atletico de Madrid insisted & practically "begged". It did not happen, because City & Real already had agreed to their Masterplan: Sergio Aguero plays at Man City for two seasons & Real Madrid would buy the player for 45M€, the amount paid by City to Atletico & City enjoys the player "free" & Aguero would see his desire realized by playing at Real Madrid & living again in the city of his "heart". 

Spanish Football
Sergio Aguero

There is a precedent to this type of operation. Real Madrid signed the then Atletico de Madrid player, Hugo Sanchez, after the player went to Mexican Club Pumas. The anti-Real Madrid sentiment then ( as now ) from Atletico "forced" Real Madrid to find alternatives back then & not cause a mini-revolution between fans & break relations between both Clubs. Fanatical times back then ( & now ).

The above strategy may explain the "strange" Sergio Aguero decision to accept the Manchester City offer, as the journalist of Sport mentions, Aguero was informed beforehand of the Real Madrid - Manchester City agreement. This way Sergio Aguero gets valuable English Premier League Football experience, earns a ton of money & returns without the city of Madrid tearing itself apart, & here is the beauty, he will only have 25 years of age on his return. 

Far fetched science-fiction theory? I don´t know, it sounds good but I see only one flaw & a big one, anything can occur in two years. Florentino Perez may not be President of Real Madrid, City owner Mensur may go bankrupt or sell the Club, Aguero may actually enjoy City, Manchester & become a local star, Chelsea FC , FC Barcelona or Inter Milan may offer 80M€ to sign the player...the Mayan Calander 2012 end of the World prediction may be true.

I think its time to shut this case, we all know the story & the bad decisions taken & the back stabbing involved. Lets just wish Aguero good luck & may the future be good. 

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