Understand that the Spanish Football Sports readers outside of Spain wish to be fully updated on the REAL MADRID - NEYMAR situation. I have received a few emails from readers asking me questions on if I think the Brazilian & SANTOS sensation will end up at the Spanish Football Club.

My last post on Neymar made mention of the complicated situation & the "surprising comments" from Santos President Ribiero saying the player is not for sale & in fact will not go to Real Madrid. Being just a humble blogger that loves Football & wishes to "export" Spanish Football & Sports to global readers, all I can do is recap & gather all the information from local Spanish press, radio, forums, & TV & pass the info on to you. So here is the VERY LATEST!

Real Madrid 2011

According to Spanish radio & TV, Neymar WILL BE coming to Real Madrid. The only question in the air is if NOW or in January 2012. There is a reason & explaination that I will now go into, but let me give you the time-line of events more or less:
  • Neymar has a 45M€ contract release clause under Santos
  • Real Madrid has been following the youngster for months & planned to sign him originally for season 2012 - 2013, but FC Barcelona started "smelling around" because President Rosell ( great expert of Brazilian Football) "loves" the player, but Coach Guardiola does´nt due to the youngsters "extroverted" personality. Rosell believes Guardiola will leave at the end of this upcoming season & thus wished Neymar for season 2012 - 2013. 
  • Real Madrid finds out about the Barça moves & speeds up the operation of signing Neymar via ex-Real Madrid player , now part rep of Neymar, Ronaldo & gets the player interested
  • Santos President Ribiero moths backs gives permission to ALL CLUBS to negotiate with Neymar - in there was Chelsea FC as well, amongst others...
  • Real Madrid manages to get the signature of Neymar on an agreement ( pre-contract) that stipulates 6 seasons with the Spanish Club. 
Now here is the "NEW PIECE OF NEWS". Apparently in that pre-contract , Real Madrid put in a "anti-break" clause ( Figo type when he signed for Real Madrid from Barcelona years back) that states that if Neymar backs down on his agreement or goes to another club the player would be penalized with whooping 100M€ compensation payment.

Obviously this - if true & it seems so according to Sports media here - guarantees that Neymar will arrive here to Spain. In fact , FC Barcelona President Rosell made a last attempt at the "Copa America" but backed off immediately when he was told (or saw) the agreement & the penalty clause. So what is the problem?

Santos celebrates Presidential elections in December & current President Ribiero wishes to be elected again. Ribiero cannot be seen to let go his star player & see Neymar miss the December "Clubs World Championship" in Tokyo & risk the fan-backlash & possibly not be voted President again. It has been commented that Ribiero called Real Madrid President Florentino Perez to "beg" that the player not be called up NOW but allowed to stay till December, It looks like Real Madrid may allow Neymar to stay & retain the good relations with Santos & take off the enormous local pressure that the young 19 year old Neymar is living at the moment. What will finally occur? I don´t know if Neymar will finally come NOW or in January 2012, but everyone here assures that he is in all effects a Real Madrid player with a massive 100M€ penalization clause that has it all sealed , signed & nearly delivered.

Will the above end all the questions? I don´t know. The above is what is being said here by those who are professionals & work everyday in Football , Spanish Football & have years of experience. My aim is just to inform the many readers & Real Madrid fans globally.

Hope this clears & answers some questions for the readers & e-mailers. But as I always say, stay tuned!

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