SPANISH FOOTBALL sometimes perplexes me no end. In fact Spanish Football Clubs seem to do things that confuse & go against the grain of logic. Take the lastest case of REAL MADRID & two players within their orbit, SERGIO AGUERO & NEYMAR. The first is "dying" to go to Real Madrid & the second wishes to wait another year & play for Santos. The first, according to all the Football observers, is the final piece needed to lift Real Madrid,  while the second is not really needed because finding a position in the current Real Madrid team will be difficult, not to mention his inexperience in Spanish Football. The end result? Real Madrid wants ( top priority ) Neymar over Aguero. 

Spanish Football
Sergio Aguero

The Sergio Aguero story is however a true tragedy. The Argentine may have played his cards too early & badly but he was advised to act as he has acted because it has come to light that he had a "verbal agreement" from REAL MADRID. Now one thing is verbal & the other is written, thus his first mistake,  not to have gotten the paper signed. However there is a double betrayal, Atletico de Madrid owner Gil Marin "verbally promised" that the Club would allow Aguero to leave the end of the season to any Club of his desire. Again it was verbal & the Argentine should have got that promise sealed on paper. 

Aguero has found his Club go back on its word because they refuse to sell to their rival & secure themselves against the fan back-lash, something at this stage of Football civilization still baffles me. And the promised offer from Real Madrid that never came due to the non-aggression policy towards their city rival, something again that baffles me from the most powerful Club in the World. 

Yesterday night, MANCHESTER CITY official sealed an agreement with ATLETICO DE MADRID for the transfer of Aguero. The English Premier League Club will pay 45M€ ( the contract release clause). To convince the player City offer 8,5M GPB per year in salary & a 5-6 year contract.  The Spanish Sports papers publish that Sergio Aguero has given his OK & will fly to Manchester City in the next days to sign the contract.

If this is in fact true, the player breaks the old Football rule, that players play were they wish too, as this case shows Aguero plays were he does not wish to go. A transfer story that has gone terribly wrong for the player, betrayed twice, because the player ran himself (or was guided)  into a dead-end street  & no one came to his rescue, except City,  the only "life-line".

Said all this, lets wait & see the final decision from the player. It is not over until the "fat lady sings", & singing is signing the City contract.

Spanish Football

The NEYMAR case is baffling & the opposite to Aguero. REAL MADRID has certainly gone after this 19 year old player, offering 45M€ & making him the "top priority". However, the player does not wish to go NOW, he would like to stay another year at SANTOS or at least stay until Christmas so he can play with Santos the "World Clubs Championships". Are you serious? The biggest Club in the World comes knocking on your door & you tell them comeback next year. In fact you tell the Club what you wish over what they want.

Some see the dark hand of FC Barcelona in here,  which has in fact offered to sign him next year allowing Neymar to fulfil his desire, others see the local pressure from Club, fans & media not to abandon. The fact is Real Madrid wish Neymar NOW & have sent ex -player RONALDO ( his pseudo rep) to Brazil to attempt to convince the father of Neymar to fly off the Madrid asap.

Now you may think what this guy playing? The performance of "Neymar" in the "Copa America" certainly did not excite at all, the youngster is good but has no European Football experience, some see his character as a potential "time-bomb" in a city like Madrid & here is Neymar saying no - for the moment - to Real Madrid , while Sergio Aguero is on a silver platter to be had & dying to sign & start.

In both cases, the final paragraph to the final chapter has not been written. There is still a river of ink to be used to finish these cases, but what a "dirty Football Story" of intrigue & betrayal. Two cases that have baffled me at least.

Stay tuned!

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