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Another SPANISH FOOTBALL lazy summer day lack of news story coiming out of England, thats being picked up by some online blogs & finally has landed in Spanish Sports online editions.

The latest "tickle" is the reported meeting between ARSENAL FC officials & REAL MADRID over the possibility of landing KARIM BENZEMA over to London. In fact the news was first reported as a possibility late last night in a popular Spanish Football Programme, were local veteran journalist Siro Lopez said that the news had no substance. However, independent of the "inside" info that Mr.Lopez is unknown to have access to from pass "Nostradamus" predictions, the meeting may well have occured as a reconnaissance manoeuvre to see what Real Madrid thinks about their idea.

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Karim Benzema

The rumours of the possible signings by Real Madrid of Brazilian youngster Neymer & Atletico de Madrid Forward Sergi Aguero is being sold as causing a forward-line excess of players,  with Higuain, Benzema & sometime used Ronaldo as a pure striker already present. But why would that be the case or a problem? Emmanuel Adebayor will not continue next season & thus there is an opening. FC Barcelona will have 7 
midfielders ( if that isn´t player overload) if Cesc Fabregas arrives & that doesn´t seem to be a problem for them as they have just extended the contract of young midfielder Thiago.

The issue is more economical than tactical, to buy you need money & thus selling is required. But Real Madrid has already "unofficially" let known their list of possible players on the market: Pedro Leon, Sergio Canales, Gago, Lass Diarra, Drenthe, Garay & yes, Kak√°, this last could finance most of the spoken operations. In fact, if there is any truth at all that Real Madrid wishes to sell a forward to get either Neymar or Aguero in, the name that sounds the most is HIGUAIN & not Benzema. 

So lets all relax with all the stories appearing & enjoy the summer. The media need to create hype to sell, the players agents need to build stories to pressure in their negotiations & raise prices, & the Football Clubs need to divert attention to act in the real areas. I don't put into question:
  • that Arsenal wishes Benzema? I have no doubt that they do? 
  • that Arsenal has met Real Madrid? Yes, why not?
  • that Benzema could be sold? Possibly, just like Higuain, Kaka, Lass ...etc.
The Frenchmen wishes to stay,  & in fact has said that he does not even wish to think about another Club. The Frenchmen has improved the last part of the season winning over the crowd & his Coach Mourinho, although with some existing doubt. But I believe its a mental game via Mourinho to bring out the best of Benzema.

Lastly, there exists the possiblity that I am finally proven wrong & Benzema is in fact surprisingly sold. Hey, that´s Football, but until that happens & if that happens there is still a dozen or more front page cover titles to hit your face & even then they may not even contain the picture of Karim Benzema.

Stay tuned!

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