BOJAN KRKIC current player of FC BARCELONA & member of the U-21 SPANISH NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM was predicted a few years back as the next wonder kid of Spanish Football. One remembers back in 2008, with the player a "tender" 17 years of age, almost going to the Euro 2008 Championships as part of the Spain Football Team, had not the player himself announce he was not ready for the challenge. Was this an omen for the coming years? Spain won the European Title that year & Bojan carreer slowly but steadily began taking a downward curve path.  

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FC Barcelona player Bojan

Since then Bojan has been literally fighting to get a regular place in the FC Barcelona team. His position is very competitive & he has to "overcome" the likes of Henry, Ronaldinho & Eto´o ( in their day), Messi, David Villa, Afellay & Pedro. This last player, Pedro, has "steamrolled" pass Bojan in proyection & is already a World Champion. This last season, Bojan has played very little for FC Barcelona & to really make things "hurt", the player is a substitute for the Spanish U-21 National Team competing in the U-21 European Championship in Denmark.

Granted the there are "big" stars blocking Bojan at Barcelona & granted that injuries have also played a negative role in his evolution, it is time, I believe, to create ones own future. Simply said another way, Bojan Krkic career path at Barcelona is smashing into a wall, this is breaking & halting the players progression & confidence.

News from Spanish Sports paper "Sport" publish comments that Italian Club AC ROMA is willing to sign young Bojan, is willing to give 10M€ to Barça in fees & allow a Barça buy- back clause. The Italian team has Luis Enrique, ex FC Barcelona B Coach & ex FC Barcelona player , as new Coach & he knows perfectly well the abilities & natural talents of 20 year old Bojan Krkic.

I would take this option if I was Bojan, but I am not, the player must decide his future. The player is at an important crossroad of his Football career, were there are many decisions to make & take. One of those roads has a certainty, with FC Barcelona looking for another "World Class" forward ( Alexis Sanchez & Rossi are current options) securing a place looks almost impossible. What the player needs is playing time, regular every week playing time. He needs to feel part of a team, score goals & feel important, thus regain his confidence & his inbuilt natural talent. I think its clear what the player needs to do, fly out of the Barça nest to become a mature Football Player, & perhaps, return as a star.

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