SPANISH FOOTBALL ,  & more concretely LA LIGA,  has a Champion for season 2010-2011. FC BARCELONA claim their third straight SPANISH LEAGUE Title after securing things mathematically tonight. There was six matches scheduled for Round 36 with lots of nerves & high tensions as teams are fighting for their 1º Division future at the bottom of the leader. Here is a brief resume of the games, the results & the scorers.

Spanish Football FC barcelona 2011
FC Barcelona Spanish League Champions

Celebrations at the LEVANTE ground for FC BARCELONA after they drew 1 -1 & thus gave Barça the point they needed to mathematically claim the season 2010-2011 Spanish League Champions Title.

FC barcelona 2011
Keita for FC Barcelona

The game was smooth sailing for both sides as it seemed the endng was already known beforehand. Barça midfielder KEITA scored first in the 27th min & then CAICEDO equalized for Levante in the 40th min after a disastrous Pique defensive mistake. Made no difference as each shared the points & Barça burst with joy to celebrate their won prize.

Congratulations to a fantastic team who deserve the title. Its now celebration time!

Spanish Football
Webo for Real Mallorca

HERCULES had just one slim chance to attempt to avoid the 2º Division & they literally stuffed it in the last moments. Hercules was up 2 goals via SENDOA who scored in the 12th & 41st min, but allowed REAL MALLORCA back into the game to see them equalize. The goals from Mallorca came from VICTOR in the 75th min & WEBO in the 79th min.

Hercules joins Almeria next season in the "Silver Division"

League Spanish
Real Sociedad - Real Zaragoza

won 2 - 1 against REAL ZARAGOZA to further attempt to assure their future & in doing so, keep Zaragoza in the uncertainty as the latter are far from safe from being "sucked in" by the relegation "black hole". In fact after "escaping" with a win last Round, they are back in the danger zone.

TAMUDO put Sociedad ahead first with a 24th min goal,  that was answered by GABI from Zaragoza in the 53rd min. Desperate stuff from here on as both sides were fighting hard to grab the three points, until ARANBURU got the winner in the 89th min for Real Sociedad. 

Spain Soccer
Espanyol - Valencia CF

Similar story between RCD ESPANYOL & VALENCIA CF with a comeback by the home team that resulted in a 2 - 2 draw. Valencia started on fire with their inform striker ROBERTO SOLDADO scoring in the 9th min. Espanyol reacted via OSVALDO with a nice goal to equal things & keep the game alive. Then MATA took the score further for Valencia with a second in the 25th min. However Espanyol wants to get into the Europa League table places & fought back hard with an equalizing goal by GALAN in the 76th min.

Espanyol need to keep winning the remaining games & see how Atletico de Madrid plays to see if they can clinch the Euro place.

Football Spain

ALMERIA played a 0 - 0 draw against VILLAREAL. Not much to say here, except Almeria knew they were a 2º Division team next season before the start of this game. Surprising to see Villareal not being able to do more here.

Osasuna - Sevilla FC

OSASUNA played a live or die match against SEVILLA FC & "lived" 3 - 2. They are still low in the classification table, in danger & hoovering outside the relegation limits but they got three Golden points that may well save them in the 1º Division.

ALVARO NEGREGO scored two quick goals in the 25th & 27th min to put Sevilla in the front seat & shocked Osasuna. But I did say Osasuna were playing for their future in the Spanish League & managed with "balls" to come back. KIKA SOLA started things with a goal in te 46th min & then managed the equalizer in the 86th min to keep them alive, very alive. Then LEKIC blew the roof off the Osasuna stadium with his last moment 89th min winner. Amazing comeback!

We still have two amazing Spanish Football League Rounds left to go. Heart stoppers for the bottom placed Clubs will be assured. 

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