Spanish Sports paper "AS" has given prime space on todays edition to REAL MADRID 22 year old German midfielder MESUT OZIL, & rightly so i my opinion. The youngster has settled in nicely to Spanish Football & with his team to cement himself a place in the squad. The player is important & has the full confidence of his Coach Mourinho, his team-mates & the difficult to please "Santiago Bernabeu" Stadium Club members & fans.

Ozil has skill, change of pace & most importantly global vision of the game which allows him to almost always make the correct choice of action. His quick thinking is only compatible to the great Football players & some have began to make comparisons with the great Zidedine Zidane. Premature in my opinion, but Ozil is still evolving & maturing & can any get better with the years.

Ozil for Real Madrid

The Spanish paper gives us some figures that I thought were interesting & that you may wish to know:

  • Has given 10 assistances that have ended in goal. However he has given 83 passes that were not converted by others in a goal. If we add the Spanish Cup & Champions we would need to added 4 mores goal assists to his name.
  • He has scored 6 goals in La Liga, 3 goals in the Spanish Cup & a goal in Champions
  • 29 shots directly at goal, including 7 free-kicks of which one was a goal
  • Touches the ball on average every 1,88 minutes. He has been active in 33 plays that ended as a goal - 5 in a penalty with him fouled. Plus involved in 237 actions that ended in direct shot at goal
  • Played 29 Liga matches - 3.169 minutes

As we can see an important player in the current Real Madrid squad & a reason why great midfielders like Kaka (although with injury problems) , Granero, Canales, Pedro Leon ...must wait their turn.

Mesut Ozil, alias "Football Crack".

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