Here are some quick ATLETICO DE MADRID news pieces for all the fans spread across the globe

Spanish Football
Diego Forlan

Its no secret that Atletico de Madrid foward DIEGO FORLAN is not happy at the Club. The man has been trying to leave for the last year, to such extent that he even offered himself to arch rival Real Madrid earlier in the year. The man has again expressed his discontent to Italian Sports daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport" saying that if an offer came from Italy & the Club could benefit, he would like to leave.

The man is a walking "billborad for Sale" & this is not too good for the team as they struggle to get into Champions League positions in La Liga. The "alley way" comments is that Diego Forlan has always put his interests ahead of the team, including problems with his Coach & his fellow team-mates rumoured to have agreed at some stage not to pass him the ball. This last point is extremely hard to believe, but I do think its significant & the best thing is that Forlan depart the Club for a good price. This season his perormance has been non-existent, perhaps influenced by his "low motivation". 

Spanish Soccer
David De Gea

Once again rumours from England - newspaper "The Daily Mail" - places Atletico de Madrid young wonder goalkeeper DAVID DE GEA in the orbit of MANCHESTER UNITED. According to the story Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has placed the Spanish player as a top priority to replace their veteran goalkeeper Van der Sar. The rumour is that the English Club is preparing a 18M€ offer to attempt to convince Atletico. Stay tuned!

From a personal perspective that I wish to share with my fellow Atletico de Madrid followers, what kind of team will Atletico have next season? If, & if, all the rumours & speculations come true & Forlan, De Gea & Sergio Aguero leave...?

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