News has filtered out that José Mourinho indeed has his mind leaving REAL MADRID at the end of this season. The “confirmation” comes out of the pre-match Atletico de Madrid Spanish Cup players meeting held at the “concentration” hotel were Mourinho gave a 40 minute speech to his players.

Spanish Soccer Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Insiders who have leaked to press the content of the meeting say that the players were surprised by the intensity of the José Mourinho talk, claiming undisputed loyalty from his players & that if anyone present  was not 100% behind him to stand up & be noted (there are some players not 100% behind him, although they did not stand up). Mourinho commented that they were now alone in “the battle” & that they as a team would have to pull things together as the Club "suits" have n´t what it takes to go all the way. He also told his players what some media insiders had been suspecting, that he wishes to leave the Club at the end of the season if things do not work out &/or his intense “power battle” with Director General Jorge Valdano does not find a solution.

Some veteran players believe that José Mourinho is bluffing & is pressuring the Club to get his way. However, this is “dangerous” & it will best for these players to follow their Coaches policy.

As I see things, the only calming force to all this in-house fighting & power struggles are victories on the field. If José Mourinho can manage a title this year things will be less stormy than are at this moment. Having said this there is the other possibility, a title (e.g. Champions League/League) will be the motive enough to leave on a winning note & thus strengthen his reputation & prestige.

Stay tuned for developments. The next few months will be interesting & will give plenty of front page news.

Now some HUMOUR:
Spanish Football Sports Blog special uncover reporters managed to filter a hidden camera into one of the REAL MADRID Top level weekly Directives meetings. All the Big players were present – President, Director General, Football Director, Coach & Team Captain. This is what our “uncover” camera managed to film:

NOTE: Any similarity with reality is purely due to unknown & unpredicted coincidence ;O)

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