PORTUGAL has given a real Football lesson to the current FIFA World Champions SPAIN with a 4 - 0 victory in tonights Friendly International played at Lisbon. In fact it could have been 5 - 0 had the below Cristiano Ronaldo goal been allowed instead of being given offside because the referee thought that Nani headed the ball outside.

Ronaldo disallowed - goal.

SPAIN debuted with a new uniform, the World Champions badge - star & it must have weighted a lot as they were firmly "ass-whipped" by a more determined & hungrier PORTUGAL team. Manchester United Portuguese winger Nani basically did what he wanted & Cristiano Ronaldo drove the defence crazy. The only Spanish player that could say that he put in 100% was Gerard Pique who defended majestically & saved a goal off the line with his head before being substituted half-time for precautionary reasons as he felt a slight muscle-pull in his leg. David Silvia missed a sitter & that was basically it.  

Martins scores the opener

opened the scoreline from a pass & after Ronaldo left Busquets watching his feet in the 45th min

Iniesta in action

The 2ºhalf saw Spain make changes with Torres, Marchena & Cesc coming on & Portugal left Ronaldo on the bench. But the home team still had the South African World Cup elimination thorn in their side & in the 49th min a careless midfield mistake allowed a counter-attack that finsihed with a SERGIO RAMOS own goal. However there was more, POSTINGA scored the third goal later in the 67th min to see Spain react with Fernando Llorente & Cazorla on the field.

Postinga in full joy

Spain had chances via Torres & Cesc but they were nothing compared to the fourth goal when ALMEIDA caught the whole Spanish defence forward to score in the 92nd min. The end result was a great match from Portugal who deserved the win & gave Spain a eat humble pie lesson.

Perhaps someone should tell the Spanish Internationals that carrying the World Champions star means something & that a bit of effort & pride would be better. Perhaps the celebrations should stop finally & put their minds back into Football. Thank God that Spain doesn´t play again until March 2011 because now even Papua New Guinea could give them a scare & possibly even defeat Spain.


Anonymous said...

why do u think xavi was substituted?
did he play bad?
i think because xavi and pique was out that's the main reason why they u think fabregas is better than xavi?..

STRIKER said...


Firstly it was a friendly. Xavi is having ankle problems & Coach Del Bosque did´nt want to risk. In fact , better avoid the "wrath" of Barça who has Real Madrid in 9 days.

Spain lost because they were not motivated, a walk in the park attitude & Portugal played better.

Cesc Fabregas in 3 years will be the new Xavi...& more goal scoring..


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