REAL MADRID defeated newly ascended Club HERCULES of Alicante 1-3 in a friendly game that served to celebrate the home teams welcome back to the Spanish League & newly renovated Football ground to introduce the season 2010-2011 squad to their home fans.

Real Madrid travelled without Casillas, Ramos, Xabi Alonso & Cristiano Ronaldo which gave more time to the younger players & Ozil who debuted in the "steamy & hot" conditions of Alicante.

The first half was slow with Real Madrid playing touch ball Football & with the newer players learning to combine, but it was Hercules who scored first with a goal in the 40th min by SENDOA from a partial mistake from young Real keeper Adan.

However, things changed in the 2┬║half when KARIM BENZEMA scored to equalize in the 55th min. The Frenchmen has been questioned by Coach Mourinho all week for his lack of commitment , words that seem to have woken the Real Madrid forward who put in his best game of the pre-season.

The some attitude was woken up tonight within Argentine signing
DI MARIA who scored in the 75th min , to see later in the 81st min KARIM BENZEMA score his second.

The only dark note was the red card given to Real Madrid midfielder Pedro Leon in the 82nd min.

A good night of Football with Real Madrid playing well & "regaining" some important players back in form. Good night for Ozil who showed signs of his talent but still needs to adapt himself to Spanish Football & the "hot weather". Lastly, special mention to Khadira, Sergio Canales & Granero, who came on in the 2┬║ half, all of which put in a very good game.


Aaron said...

Benzema: finally finding his game although some of his misses could have been converted into goals. Khedira: is adapting well already in the team and his assist to Benzema was spot-on and well timed.
Canales: never fails to impress with his good control and passing.
Adan: appalled by his floundering mistake, but perhaps we have to give him time to improve, afterall he's still young.
Pedro Leon: Really great signing that has integrated very well into Real maybe because of his experience in La Liga football. Killer passes but bad move at the end that justified a red card.
His debut met my expectations and he certainly created chances
I'm all for seeing Ozil, Leon and Canales play when the season starts! Hopefully, Canales gets enough playing time, he is a genius in the making. Oh, and is Dzeko signing for Real? If so, then Real will finally have better attacking options at the front.(Benzema's form=unpredictable)
Hala Madrid!

STRIKER said...

Great summary. Dzeko? rumour. Lots of talk but still a week open of market & anything could happen.

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