CRISTIANO RONALDO is receiving flack today by all the local Spanish
media for losing his head in the last moments of yesterdays 4-2
victory against Almeria. Why? Apart from receiving a “stupid” &
unnecessary second yellow card with a sending him off, he auto
excluded himself from the important next “Liga” match against
Valencia CF.

The “Kid” is a phenomenon. He set up the Sergio Ramos goal, was a
menace to the opposition defenders all night, had numerous dangerous
opportunities, caused a penalty & then scored a goal. This is what Real
Madrid was missing & with the Portuguese star finally back after a two
month injury Real look a whole lot better & more dangerous.

However, Cristaino Ronaldo has an “ego-gene” that gives him a
“Dr.Jekyll & Hyde” behaviour that needs to be controlled &
dominated. The first sign of the “ego-gene” appearing was straight
after he missed his penalty, to which luckily for Real Madrid his
team-mate Benzema scored & to which Ronaldo did not participate
in the celebration. The “ego-gene” again got loose with his first
yellow card when he celebrated his goal taking of his shirt to illustrate
to the cameras, photographers & the World his torso to assure the
covers & news spots the next day. Here the plan was on his marketing
& NOT on his team or with Football. The second yellow card comes
after Ronaldo “teased” various Almeria defenders with fancy footwork
& "showmanship" that was not necessary being 4-2 up & the defenders
didn’t see the funny side; the defender Ortiz reacted with a swing that
the referee did not see but saw how Ronaldo retaliated kicking back.
The result was obvious, a clear regulatory sending off, a blemish to a
great night & a self suspension from Real Madrid’s important next
game against serious rival Valencia CF. A rival that are capable of

defeating Real & to which the Club is in no position to lose points
with Barcelona being so strong & Sevilla breathing down their

Sure, the player was happy to be back on the field doing what he
does best, that is, playing Football & scoring goals. Yes, he released
all his built up frustrations & anger at missing the penalty making it
up with his & the teams fourth goal. But, the marketing & Cristiano
Ronaldo “branding chip" did not need to be switched on, nor was
it appreciated when operating by team-mates, opponents & fans.

Cristaino Ronaldo said in the post – match interviews that he is
sorry & apologies to his team-mates, Club & fans. He adds he is
human, that he lost his head & didn’t wish to harm anyone. That
maybe true & we can forgive but this was a yellow card, what sent
him off was
the accumulation with another due to the act of taking
off his shirt. A totally unnecessary act that cost him & the Club dearly
all for the satisfaction of the “ego-gene” , brand building & the
front covers placements.

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