The speculation & rumour “can of worms” has been opened at FC
with the Samuel Eto´o comments regarding his future
or no future at Barça, to French magazine “Sportweek” (see post below).
Although the Barça Club Directives will continue contract renewal
negotiations with Eto´o & try to convince him to stay further at Barça,
the Club however is covering its back just in case.

Three are the main names being looked at, with a fourth apparently up
their sleeve. They are DAVID VILLA (Valencia CF), FERNANDO
(Liverpool FC), BENZEMA (O.Lyon) & now ADEBAYOR,
although this last name will find it difficult to get to FC Barcelona.

The first name, DAVID VILLA, is the easiest as his team is in financial
troubles & will need to sell. Barcelona already made an attempt to “grab”
the player last month in the “winter market” transfer window, but his Club
said no way Jose. Apparently, the player is willing to make the move
(source “Sport”) & it’s a question of satisfying his current Club & finding
an appropriate exit to satisfy all concerned, especially the Valencia fan base.

Spanish International & Liverpool FC star FERNANDO TORRES was
asked by Barcelona Directives at the FIFA World Player ceremony last
month if he would consider a move to “Camp Barça”. According to
Catalan media, especially “Sport”- this point is important to highlight –,
Torres gave his OK. The Liverpool forward is more to Barcelona’s liking
as he is considered the natural Nº9, but he has a contract with his current
Club until 2013 & one doubts that Coach Benitez or Liverpool will allow
him to go anywhere fast. The player is recently sending messages via the
media that he is happy at Liverpool & with English Football, signs that go
against the Barcelona desire.

French International & Olympique de Lyon forward BENZEMA is another
option. The player has given signs of wishing to make the jump to a BIG
Club & has said he will make a decision after Champions. The player
has a contract with Lyon & to add to that obstacle there is stiff competition
from Real Madrid, Inter, etc.

A fourth option has been raised by local daily “AS” who claim that
Barcelona has offered 22M€ for Arsenal Nº9 ADEBAYOR. This player
was a serious contender to go to “Camp Barça” last summer, but his
Club & Coach Wegner refused. Now it seems Wegner will OK the
transfer as long as his substitute is Huntelaar who is at Real Madrid.
With the eternal “enemy” in this complex play of musical chairs this
option is less likely to come about, too many “players” involved.

So stay tuned, as we are bound to get a lot more juicy news.

1 comment: said...

I reckon he'll stay - we expect him to shoot his mouth off at least once a season!

But if anyone replaces hime, the most likely candidate is Villa, if only because he already connects well with Xavi and Iniesta from the Spain national team.

I suppose you could say the same about Torres but 1. I think he's happy at Liverpool and 2. he's not quite as clinical as Villa in the area.

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